Mister John’s Music is thrilled to be coming to Williamsburg on November 22nd and 23rd!

Originally located in Philadelphia, MJM serves hundreds of families every week through their award-winning and highly-praised music education programs for babies, kids and adults. With artists of the week such as Alicia Keys and Journey and regular features such as drag queen story time and interactive music videos, this is not your typical children’s programming. Each class is jam-packed with surprises for both adults and children, with underlying messages promoting creativity, inclusivity and kindness, all delivered through a celebration of music. Now, he’s offering these classes to a Brooklyn audience!

These classes are for children birth to 3yo.

Each registration is valid for one child and one caregiver. All attendees 3yo and older are required to wear a mask (2yo’s are encouraged but not required.) Click here for our Covid Policies and Procedures.

Classes at 10am on 11/22 and 11/23.  If we sell out, we’ll add 9am and 11am times as well!


Register Here!

In Brooklyn, you’ll find

Mister John’s Music at

Bario Neal

155 Grand Street,

Brooklyn, NY 11249

Mister John's Music


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