For Early Childhood Classes:

Is there stroller parking?
Strollers are not allowed in the studio – unfortunately it’s just too small.  However, there is an awning over much of the building and both  sides of the building  have a locking cable system provided by Mister John.  Be sure to plan for inclement weather accordingly – many strollers have rain guards.
What's the caregiver's role in class?
Caregivers are expected to be actively engaged in the class.  Consider yourself to be a playmate, a back-up singer, a jungle gym, and a Solid Gold dancer.  You are the perfect model for your child – he or she wants to do exactly what you do – so your job is to show them how it’s done.  Sing out, dance as though no one is watching, laugh with those around you.  If for whatever reason your child has a melt-down in class, feel free to step outside of the studio, help your child self-regulate, and return to class.
Can I take pictures in class?
Absolutely!  However, we request that technology be used for the sake of taking a few pictures stealthily and stashed away for the remainder of the class – not on the floor, where little ones can seek it, but in a pocket or a bag.  Think of it as an opportunity to disengage with the world for an hour and solely focus on your child – he or she will greatly appreciate it. Be sure to share any moments on the Mister John’s Music Facebook page or with the #misterjohnsmusic on Instagram 🙂
What about food?
Due to allergy issues, all food and beverages should be kept outside of the classroom.  The only exception to this rule is for our Newbies class – feedings for newborns are allowed.
Can I bring visitors?
Yes – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins – they’re all welcome!  BUT… 904 S. 9th Street is a small studio, so guest seating is limited.  If you’re planning on bringing guests to class, please check in with Mister John @ john@mister-johns-music.lk8ii755mb-e9249rwyd4kr.p.runcloud.link.  If you’d like to bring another child or a sibling,  please check availability with Mister John and note that a drop-in rate of $20/child will apply.
Can we try out the class before registering?

Unfortunately, due to pandemic restrictions, we are only offering drop-in options in our ZOOM classes, not in-person classes.  The drop-in rate for a ZOOM class is $20. If you have questions about our programming, please email info@misterjohnsmusic.com.

I'm running late to class. What should I do?
Come!  We all run late now and then.  As long as you can make 30 minutes of the class, you should come.  If you’re going to miss more though, see below.
I missed my class. Can I do a make-up class?

Due to Covid restrictions, all make-ups are offered via ZOOM. To schedule a make-up, please reach out to us at info@misterjohnsmusic.com

There are no more slots available for my desired class. What should I do?

Occasionally slots open up.  If you would like to get on the waiting list for a class, contact Mister John at john@misterjohnsmusic.com.

It's mid-session and I'd like to join the class. What do I do?
Great!  If there are slots available, we’d be happy to have you.  Contact Mister John at john@mister-johns-music.lk8ii755mb-e9249rwyd4kr.p.runcloud.link to check availability.  If there is room, the registration will be pro-rated depending on the number of classes left in the session.
What is your refund policy?
Once a session begins, there are no tuition refunds.  Many  classes sell-out and have waitlists.  In signing up for a session, parents understand that they are securing this slot for their child whether or not they end up attending.  This is a standard policy for all families who enroll.  However, if you’re unable to attend and would like to transfer the registration to a friend,  just email Mister John.

For Everyone:

What's the parking situation?

Street parking may be available on 9th St. or Christian St. 
There is also a city lot on Christian St.  and 8th. St. 

For Kids Classes:

You have a guitar at the studio for my child, right? Do I still need one at home?

You sure do!  How else will your children show you at home what she/he/they are working on at the studio?!?  But because we have guitars for each child at the studio, there’s no need to schlep an extra item to and from school once a week.

Where can I get a guitar? How do I find the right size for my child?
If you’ve got the time, Mister John recommends searching Craigslist instruments for used kids guitars.  If not, there are a plethora of local music stores and of course the Guitar Center in Cherry Hill.  Don’t worry about getting an expensive guitar to start – if your child really takes to the guitar, he or she will grow out of this guitar before you know it.
In terms of size, if your child is shorter that 4’5″, go with a 1/2 size guitar.  If your child is 4’6″ to 4’11”, go with a 3/4 size guitar.  If your child is 5′ or taller, it’s time for a full size guitar – and maybe you should consider putting her or him on a basketball team.
My child missed a class. Can I do a make-up class?
Unfortunately there are no make-ups for missed group guitar classes.  Class sizes/supplies are limited.
How many times can/should my child take Group Guitar 1?
Mister John recommends Group Guitar 1 at least two times, but your child is welcome to continue for as many sessions as he or she likes.
Is there an Intermediate class?
We’ve just added our first Intermediate Kids Guitar class!  Next up – Advanced!!
Does Mister John teach private guitar lessons?
Yes. Mister John prefers teaching private lessons after a child has enrolled in group guitar, but occasionally, depending on the needs of the children and scheduling, he will take on first-time private students.
What do you do to assure the safety of my child while at Mister John's Music?
It’s a scary world and your child’s safety is paramount at Mister John’s Music.  Mister John and all of his teachers undergo three different clearance checks – a fingerprint-based clearance through the Pennsylvania State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a Pennsylvania Child Abuse clearance, and a Pennsylvania Criminal History clearance.  In addition, for Kids Guitar there are always two instructors in the classroom.  Finally, only parents or guardians specifically approved and introduced by parents to teachers are allowed to collect students from class.  If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your child at Mister John’s Music, please contact him at john@mister-johns-music.lk8ii755mb-e9249rwyd4kr.p.runcloud.link.
What is your refund policy?
Once a session begins, there are no tuition refunds.  Many  classes sell-out and have waitlists.  In signing up for a session, parents understand that they are securing this slot for their child whether or not they end up attending.  This is a standard policy for all families who enroll.  However, if you’re unable to attend and would like to transfer the registration to a friend,  just email Mister John.

For Adult Classes:

I'm just beginning... How much should I spend on a guitar?
If you’re a beginning student, Mister John recommends one of the following: 1) borrow a guitar for two months from a friend/neighbor to make sure you enjoy playing guitar OR 2) buy a cheap guitar at Guitar Center or online to last you for a year or so.  After you’ve been playing for a year and have decided that this is something you’re game to continue for the rest of your life (awesome choice btw,) then we can talk about how to choose a guitar.
Really, bring whatever you need.  I know that some of these classes start early.  Don’t miss dinner because of class and don’t miss class because of dinner.  If you need to eat, that’s cool.  If you need a beer or some wine or a Big Gulp, go for it.  And if you’re baking at home, your classmates will definitely devour your treats graciously.
Are there make-ups for adult guitar?
Unfortunately not really.  Each guitar class is working on their own repertoire based off of the preferences of the group.  If you talk to John, he’s bound to say “Sure!  Just come!” – but you should know that you will likely be facing a whole new set of songs and skills.

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