Grown-up Fun
Always wanted to learn how to play the guitar/piano/ukulele/drums but didn’t know where to start?  Ready to take your singing talents out of the shower and share them with others? Look no further than Mr. John’s adult group classes – supportive and low-pressure environments where you can build your musical skills and get comfortable performing for and playing with others.  Designed for people who want to make music as a hobby, rather than a profession, and want to have fun doing it! Mister John’s adult classes are BYOB and you get to help choose the songs you work on from your favorite popular artists. Let loose your inhibitions, pick up your instruments and your music folder, and let’s jam!  Currently, the studio offers group classes in guitar, piano, violin, ukulele, percussion, and choir.


If you’re terrified of singing in public or if you long for the days when you were in a college acapella group, Mister John wants you in this class.  We’ll work on pitch recognition, breathing techniques, and part singing through a selection of diverse song stylings based on what our classmates want to sing.  Singers will not only learn musical concepts through vocal training but also become more confident in what makes their individual voices and vocal tones special and valuable as part of a musical community.




A fun laid-back place to learn a new instrument – this class is for the grown-up who has always wanted to accompany him/herself on the guitar. “Let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start…”  Bring your guitar, a beverage of your choosing, and your best singing voice. You’ll learn some chords, a few strumming patterns, and a lick or two. You could be the next Pat Benatar! What have you got to lose?! Join the party!

WEDNESDAYS @ 8:30PM – taught by Mister Diego


If you’ve already taken a couple sessions of Beginning Guitar with Mister John or Mister Diego, or if you have a knowledge of open chords and a smattering of strumming patterns in the your repertoire, this class is for you. Prepare yourself to play songs with more than four chords, get ready to have your mind blown with major 7 chords, just wait until you learn how to walk up and down from one chord to the next. By the end of this class, you should feel great about playing a seemingly complicated song for your loved ones.  It’s a perfect combination of chill and crazy, y’all!

THURSDAYS @ 8:30PM – taught by Mister Diego


It’s time to take it to the next level! In intermediate guitar, we’ll learn all about bar chords, work on licks and melody lines, expand our strumming options, explore finger-plucking patterns, and delve deeper into music theory. It’s a challenging class that introduces new concepts weekly and tests your ability to utilize your existing knowledge at the drop of a hat. If you’re interested in joining this class but have never taken a class at the studio, just email to set-up an assessment. And get ready to rock!

THURSDAYS @ 7:30PM – taught by Mister Diego


Have you been playing for a while and reached a plateau in your skill building? Welcome to Advanced Adult Guitar and be prepared, Diego is going to work you hard! In this class, students will drill complicated fret-board exercises, learn fundamentals of jazz and blues guitar, and chord variations so that you can find that perfect suspended/diminished/augmented/flat 5/Cmaj13(#11) shape. Expect to increase your flexibility, take improvised solos, and to jam out by ear. It’s time to shred it, people.

WEDNESDAYS @ 7:30PM – taught by Mister Diego

SPRING SESSION 1 – 3/1-5/2/2021

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Wanna go to Hawaii? Well, unfortunately, we can’t take you there, it’s just too expensive. But we CAN teach you how to play the ukulele like a pro so that when you eventually get there, you’re ready to join the fun! You’ll learn chords, strumming techniques, some traditional Hawaiian music and all sorts of acoustic rock covers. Who doesn’t like Guns N’ Roses on the soft, dulcet tones of the ukulele? Aloha!

TUESDAYS @ 8PM – taught by Mister Diego


For continuing ukulele students or folks who are joining the program with existing open chord knowledge and some strumming patterns.  This group runs at the same time as Adult Choir and will frequently accompany the singers on whatever they’re working on.  It’s as community-oriented as we get at the studio!

TUESDAYS @ 7PM – taught by Mister Diego

SPRING SESSION – 3/1-5/2/2021

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The rhythm is gonna get ya! In this beginning percussion class, students will get a taste of all different kinds of drumming – from djembes to drum-kits. It’s one great big drum circle, where students use beginning hand-drumming techniques and rudiments of percussion to build speed, control, coordination, and timing. In addition, students will learn how to read musical rhythms, subdivide beats and improvise their own accompaniment to their favorite songs. While a variety of percussion instruments will be provided at the studio, it’s recommended that students have a practice pad and set of drum sticks at home – something like this.

MONDAYS @8PM – taught by Mister Eric

SPRING SESSION 1 – 3/1-5/2/2021

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“I’ve always wanted to play the piano.”  Well, what are you waiting for?!? Now’s the time! In this class, no more than six students will work on beginning piano skills and musical theory concepts to be able to play as a part of a band. Through a combination of group instruction and one-on-one time, students will learn chords and melodic lines designed to get them playing and singing full songs from the very first moment. Traditional methods are employed as well as ear-training and improvisation, so students should be prepared to jump from looking to listening to following their feelings.


For continuing students or folks who are joining the program with existing chord knowledge and an ability to read melody lines on the staff.  This class runs at the same time as Intermediate Adult Guitar and will frequently join forces to jam out!



Looking to take your musical journey to the next level?   This class is a great way to explore your personal world and experiences through your own creative lens.  Share your story with the world through one of the most expressive and relatable art forms – songwriting.  In this collaborative, generative class, you’ll learn about song form, how to write inventive chord progressions, and how to compose original melodies and lyrics.  You’ll be on your way to writing hit songs in no time!   Pre-requisite: Advanced beginner level on your chosen instrument (preferably a chord-based instrument like guitar, piano, ukulele,  etc.)

TUESDAYS @ 7PM  – taught by Mister Nick

SPRING SESSION 1 – 3/1-5/2-2021

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